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Welcome to Libby’s Simple

Hello and welcome to Simple Eat. A place where I plan to share everything food related. As a young women and soon to be wife I love to cook home cooked meals in my own kitchen that I can serve us in our house, knowing exactly what went into it. Which in turn makes me feel proud that I’m feeding us the best I can. This gives me a massive sense of achievement.

I love to be able to inspire others to create better meals at home without having to turn to ready meals, lets face we all have them. Yes they are convenient and sometimes they are needed, I myself have been known to make a ready meal for lunch or dinner. But I have worked so hard to build a selection of recipes and still make new recipes to make my life easier and to help me avoid the easiness of sticking a meal in the microwave.

I am now on a journey to share them with others, to help make their lives a little easier when it comes to the kitchen and feeding their most nearest and dearest.

People now have such busy lives and life is so fast paced that we all need a little help and encouragement to eat better or to take time out to take notice of what we are eating.

Also to me food is family, I have very fond memories of big Sunday lunches at my nans house, giant Christmas and New Years day dinners that would move you to busting point.

But I also have very fond memories of normal week night dinners at home with my dad, step-mum and step-brothers where we would sit around the table every day for dinner, no T.V, no phones. Just us and good food.

And then their are the memories of the craziness of dinner at mums house where there would be 1001 people wanting to be fed after days at school and work.

I grew up in a house with 3 sisters and my brother, my mum, step-dad and his family. Hectic explains it lightly but it was home. We had friends over for dinner many days of the week, my oldest sister and her own family, the neighbours cat and its pet mouse, you name it, they were coming for dinner. Every day was madness but that one time of the day, Dinner, brought us all together.

And after growing up and moving into my own home I came to the realisation that food is family. Food brings us all together at the end of busy days in our forever getting faster lives.

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